For teacher appreciation week, we give you a peek inside a young and dangerous mind. Oscar Martinez, an 18 year-old student in The Los Angeles Unified School District has given us his permission to print an assignment he did for his English class. It’s an autobiography. Maybe a manifesto. Whatever the case, it reveals the inner life of a young student in today’s world.

A. Since I was really young I have liked apples. The red ones I prefer, the green ones are a little too sweet.

B. One fruit I never got the hang of was banana. They just give me a really bad after taste when I’m done eating one.

C. My uncle Jose would always be on a drug called cocaine. Its kinda crazy how my uncle would be very hyper active when he was on that.

D. My mom would always do her best to keep me away from drugs. The crazy thing is that drugs were all over the neighborhood even in the hands of a 9 year old kid.

E. I was about 14 years old when I first tried ecstasy pills. It was given to me by a friend in middle school.

F. I use to think the more friends u have the money respect your get. I was wrong for thinking that, friends don’t mean shit at the end of the day, you earn your respect by getting your shit together and fighting life like a man.

G. When I was about 10 I wasn’t really Grateful for everything my family gave me. My mom was a single mother with 2 jobs raising 2 kids and I was going on a bad road.

H. When I found out I was going to be a father I was so happy. I was in tears of joy cause I have someone to look after now.

I. Ice cream is my favorite snack when I’m faded. I can eat a whole bucket ice cream to myself.

J. The homie lalo and I are always cracking up on jokes we say. We stay laughing for a long time ha ha even for no reason.

K. Kool-aid is my favorite drink when I’m faded. Ha ha honestly any flavor I like even the green one.

L. I get really lazy when I’m not at work. I work 2 jobs and the night job I get off around 3am so I sleep around 5am.

M. Money is motivation because that’s the way I’m paying my rent. I work all day to pay off bills and so I can take my family out to eat.

N. I like my bitches naked, if they got nice tits and nice as well. I don’t like fat bitches naked that’s nasty.

O. My name is Oscar Martinez. I like to smoke weed, fuck bitches and make money.

P. Pacoima is the city my grandparents live in. they say it’s the city of the most hated because of all the gang activity.

Q. I’m really quick when it comes to racing, learning and running. I’m chubby but strong I use to work out with push-ups and pull ups.

R. I reversed on a 2015 beamer one time with my truck. That moment I hit the car I left haha real fast I was out of there in no time.

S. I like to find seeds in my weed so I can grow them. I gather them up and put 6 seeds in one pot.

T. A t-rex was my favorite dinosaur when I was a kid. I remember going to a museum and seeing a fossils of the t-rex.

U. Ugly bitches are what I stay away from. All my bitches have to be fine no ugly bitches.

V. I fucken hate vegetable’s I don’t know why I honestly just do. My mom would always try to make me eat them but I would never comply.

W. Weed is my favorite thing to smoke, I love the good green kush, but also like the purple kush.

X. I would listen to xzibit the rapper, his music makes my head bump. When he raps with rapper WC is the best.

Y. Yvonne is my favorite tias name. she took care of me a lot when I was young, she would pick me up from school and feed me.

Z. I sell zanny bars to my teacher. Hes buys 1000 pills for 20 bucks from me.


Editor’s notes: A zanny (usually spelled xanny) bar is the street name for a 2mg dose of Xanax. It is white and shaped like a bar. The student pictured in the feature photo is not Oscar Martinez.