6 Under the Radar Movies You Need to see in 2017

I would like to take a moment to speak up on behalf of all the movie-going world when I say enough. We get it. Movies with giant, explosion filled shiny CGI is what gets all the seats wet, but you know what? When it comes down to the actual art of film, the truest souls do not like those massive Michael Bay “SlposionFests” nor look forward to the annual abortion people call The Fast and Furious movies (or whatever stupid fucking name they gave this one, The Fate of the Furious? Oh my God, that is fucking rich). As a matter of fact, I saw two movies very close to each other last year, one called Dawn of Justice and one called Swiss Army Man. Everyone and their mother saw Dawn of Justice even though we ALL HEARD IT SUCKED RAW DONKEY DICK, but no one else saw Swiss Army Man even though it ended up being one of the best movies of the year (for just having the balls to be original and unique and surreal). So I decided to write a list of upcoming movies in 2017 I genuinely believe will have impact similar to that of Swiss Army Man. In other words, a film that is as much a feast for the eyes as it is the mind and soul. Here are  6 unique movies to look out for in 2017.

I Don’t Feel At Home on This Earth Anymore

On name alone, this film needs to win something. A smaller film about a woman who experiences a break-in and decides to go full detective and try to find the answers herself. The lead is played by Melanie Lynskey and anyone who knows her previous work knows she can manage to summon ennui of all sorts at a moment’s notice. Sundance crowd loved this movie, so that stands as a good sign you won’t see it, but you should. There are many layers to it, apparently.

Add to that her mysterious neighbor played by the always amazing Elijah Wood and we might just have a movie that people walk away really talking about. What will be so damning that this woman? Well, we will find out in 2017 hopefully….

How To Talk to Girls at Parties

Wow, these titles, huh? This upcoming 2017 movie is based off the Neil Gaiman short story that features two young boys who realize that talking to girls might just be the scariest thing in the world, until the scariest thing in the world shows up. For me, just knowing this is based off the amazing short story of the same name by master storyteller Neil Gaiman is enough to have me fully on board with this one.

This will be what the brightest of us go to see when everyone is flooding into the next Transformers film (though I use the term film loosely here).

I won’t lie, though, I wish we got Gaiman’s American Gods first, but no such luck.

The Killing of a Sacred Deer

I have officially just decided this list could also be called “The Best Named Movies of all Time Even Though We Have Not Seen Any Of Them Yet” list. In this case we have Yorgos Lanthimos follow up to the insane The Lobster (which was a follow up to the insane Dogtooth). The Killing of a Sacred Deer will be his third third movie, and I will not even bother to speculate on plot because the Greek filmmaker transcends films and tells some of the strangest and most compelling stories out there, but they are as surreal as surreal gets.

Most people walked away from The Lobster scratching their heads but knowing they were very intrigued by what they saw. Expect the same here. All I know about this one besides the brilliant director is Colin Farrell will play a surgeon who has his whole life fall apart, though how that unfolds will certainly be where the heart of the story will lie.


I LOVED the movie Snowpiercer by director Bong-Joon-ho. I thought a post apocalyptic class battle taking place on a train while a dystopian society was falling apart was astounding. Some moments made it feel like the Warriors, some moments made it feel like Mad Max, but the whole thing was fantastic. Cast, too.

So do I even need to say more than Okja is the next movie we are getting from Bong (I can call him that, we are good friends in my head)? Well, I will. Okja is a big animal (we know nothing about) and the film will focus on some people try to get that creature for nefarious purposes and the young girl who tries to help the Okja.

Sounds like we may have an E.T 2.0 on our hands here, people. Best be prepared for that. This could be the next Midnight Special. Oh God, don’t tell me you haven’t seen that?




I talk about Swiss Army Man a great deal because I found it profound. I also found Paul Dano and Daniel Radcliffe’s performances to be amazing. Wildlife is actually Dano’s first time directing a script he wrote with his partner, adapted from a book by the same name.

Of course, all we know is Carrie Mulligan and Jake Gyllenhaal play a married couple and all the rest is left to pure speculation at this point. Truth is, speculation will get us nowhere here. We just have to go off writer, director, actor, actress combo and realize this will probably be something special.

And with Dano behind the wheel creatively, I cannot wait to see what Wildlife has in store for us.


My Entire High School Sinking Into the Sea


Please excuse me while I collect my “Best Movie Titles List Ever” award right now.

Okay, I am back.

So My Entire High School Sinking Into the Sea might not only win for best name ON the best name lists, but wait until you hear the gist. Jason Schwartzman voices a high school newspaper editor in this crudely animated movie that also features the voicework of the Godlike Reggie Watts. This film’s story is exactly what the title implies. An animated movie about a high school that is sinking into the sea. Really, the editor ends up having to team up with ANOTHER editor (everyone who knows anything about writing knows that doesn’t tend to go over well) to reveal the story before the high school sinks into the sea which I have an odd feeling will be unavoidable but I guess I will have to wait and see for myself.


Sorry, but some of these films are clearly aimed at a demographic and that demographic is hitting his bong as he writes this.