These 3 conspiracy theories aren’t crazy. They’ve been distorted.

It is easy to encourage people en masse to dismiss something by labeling it a “conspiracy theory.” Hell, these days, the internet does this of its own accord. Yet, far too often, facts are buried by distortion. As Dave Chapelle says in his new Netflix special, we do indeed live in the age of spin.

Here we talk about three “ conspiracy theories ” that are actually firmly rooted in fact. Yet, these have been so distorted that I actually want to puke: the anti-vax movement, chemtrails, and the JFK assassination.


This one is mostly immediately important. Look. The vast majority of the anti-vax movement is not a bunch of crazies shouting “No Vaccines!” They’re a bunch of smart, concerned people shouting No Mercury in Vaccines (make sure you click through this link)! and “No Vaccines for Made-Up Diseases Like Swine Flu!”

Everyone knows mercury is terrible for the human body and brain—particularly the peripheral nervous system. This is exceedingly common knowledge. We are careful of mercury content in our fish, and we make sure never to break mercury thermometers.

A majority of vaccines contain a tiny amount of mercury. What. The. Fuck. I don’t care if you show me a million studies concluding that mercury in those amounts is safe. It is not an essential ingredient for effective vaccines, and I want none of it in my body, let alone those of any children I may have.

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CDC Global — Flickr.

Speaking of children. Their bodies and minds are so much more susceptible to toxins like mercury. Get that shit away from them, now.

Furthermore. Two smart people, Robert De Niro and Robert Kennedy Jr. (for more on the latter, see the “No Mercury” link above), are actually offering $100,000 for anyone who can actually produce a study that concludes mercury in vaccines is safe. Strange they feel the need to do that.

Now the second point, though less important, point. I was born in 1985, and I was vaccinated against the major diseases. Yet, today, children are vaccinated against a whole lot more—many with a lil bit of mercury—including diseases like swine flu. How few people did that kill again? I wasn’t vaccinated against it, and no one I know ever caught it. The amount of vaccination that takes place today is excessive, period, and much of it rests on dubious science.

This isn’t about whether vaccines cause autism, though the fact that the autism rate has skyrocketed over the past two decades is enough to order a full review of every single child-rearing change our society has collectively made over this timeframe. Still, what this is about is getting mercury out of children’s veins.


There is one huge difference between a chemtrail and a contrail. The latter disappears quickly, and the former lingers. If you live in a place where there are chemtrails, you have seen this.

Everything I can say is said in this video. It is a city council meeting in Redding, California, where chemtrails are frequently spotted. Scientists and pilots testify about a variety of compelling specifics, particularly the fact that aluminum levels in snow, soil, and water has skyrocketed recently.

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baghee58 — Flickr.

But the real heart of it is the lawyer. If the scientists and the pilots provide the ammo, the lawyer pulls the trigger. This guy has clearly made it a top priority to investigate these things. And, through him, we get the causation between chemtrail sightings and changes in the environment. Watch the video after you’re done here. Or now, before we get to the big one. I linked the full hour-long version, though you need not watch the whole thing.


The global elite assassinated JFK, just as they did his brother, MLK Jr., Malcolm X, and many others during the sixties. And, on the day they did the first, they declared war on the American people. They assassinated our president, people. JFK was the people’s president, and they fucking killed him. Just as he was gaining true momentum, too. Every single one of us should still be furious about this.

If you’re convinced that Oswald did it, nothing I say is going to change your mind. If you’re conflicted, then I am going to assume you’ve done your research, and add one thing.

Watch the Oswald interviews again. In the first, he was literally dazed and confused as to what was happening. In the second, he vehemently died everything.

Listen. If you’re the type of person who can convince yourself that the President of the United States needs to die, and you successfully plan and execute an assassination, you may try to run. But, if you get caught, you certainly know why, and you’re not going to run from what you did any longer. You’re going to shout your purpose with joy for all to hear. “I killed the king because X!”

So now we get to the mob theory, which is just as implausible as Oswald being the shooter. The mafia fucking loved JFK. Even after Cuba; the mob didn’t want communism any more than the president, and they’re smart enough to understand the inevitability of certain things. Never mind the JFK was Catholic. Frank Sinatra was one of his biggest and highest profile supporters, and the mafia loved Frank Sinatra like a brother. That’s why he was VIP #1 in Las Vegas.

Is it really so hard to believe that, after JFK was killed, the mob somehow got it in them to kill Oswald? Maybe as revenge for the president they loved, maybe hired to do so by who the hell knows who. With respect to the latter, I imagine there’d be many a mob boss saying “JFK’s dead, and we better fall in line or we’re next.” Understand that, at the time, the global elite’s stranglehold wasn’t as broad, and they viewed the mob as a serious threat to their authority. This is why Las Vegas is now owned by corporations and billionaires.

Here’s why the global elite killed him. You need to take yourself back to the sixties. For the first time ever, people are truly questioning the very fabric of the societies that we have inhabited for centuries: the hippies and their sympathizers. JFK was the Bernie Sanders of his day. And, unlike President Obama, he made good on as many of his campaign promises as his brief presidency allowed. Not to mention the fact that his handling of the Cuban Missile Crisis was a momentum-changer; before then, Russia was holding most of the cards.

So Kennedy is now incredibly popular and respected, across all lines. He flexes this new muscle to start making some serious populist changes. You can find what these were yourself simple enough, yet I think the best way to truly get a feel of what that time was like is to watch AMC’s Mad Men. When the assassination takes place, the entire show grinds to a halt, and the effects are felt throughout the rest of the series. More importantly, the characters help you get a feel for what people were thinking about what a future under Kennedy would be like.

Anyway. Kennedy flexes his muscle. Bam. He’s dead, and we have Lyndon Johnson, one of the worst presidents ever. He was only on Kennedy’s ticket to carry Texas, and he was the ultimate insider. A womanizer and a bully too, who killed who knows how many Americans by shipping them all over Vietnam and who knows where else. The fact that the HBO special about the passage of the Civil Rights Act portrays him as anything less than a monster is revisionist history.

Further, the other person to be assassinated alongside Kennedy was the new governor of Texas, a rising star who was in firm lock step behind the president. Lotta global elite money in Texas. Oil, and more.

The assassinations of the sixties were the result of paranoia amongst the global elite, who for the first time saw true threats to their power. A wealthy yet nonetheless outsider—and Catholic!—people’s president backed by the Italian and Irish mafias, with a complete lock on New York, Chicago, and Las Vegas, who installed a protégé as governor of Texas and an equally-popular brother as Attorney General. Civil Rights leaders who influenced the hearts and minds of millions, all urging some form of resistance to the system. Drugs like marijuana and LSD expanding peoples’ consciousness. An incredibly unpopular and unjust war.

The psychopaths got scared, and they have stayed that way ever since. They did the only thing they knew how to do: clamp down. And they still don’t realize that, the tighter they grip, the greater the chance they lose it all. Their breaking point looms.


Featured image by U.S. Embassy New Delhi via Flickr.