100 years into the future- will it be a wonderful world?

As we wrap up 2017, it’s interesting to think about where we will be as a civilization a mere 100 years from now, considering how far we have come from 100 years ago. But then one has to pause and wonder, have we even budged much at all since 1917? We’ve been told from all sorts of literature and song to pay attention to what has happened before in order to prevent us from repeating the same mistakes but it appears that we may not have ever heeded those warnings about the relationship between history and repetition or wouldn’t we be in a happier and healthier place now?  If we’re doomed to do nothing but hiss from hamster cages in a perpetual loop, then what can we really expect from the holiday season of 2117?

What if these were the kinds of headlines we had to look forward to…

World Women for Womyn March Sets Fire to Carnivale Costumes in Rio

I bet in 2117, women will be fighting for equality, still. Which sucks because the more that you fight for something the more that the other side of any war, fights harder for nothing other than the fear of what they might lose. This battle doesn’t seem to have an end until both sides realize that they are actually the same side, human.

Sepia-skin toned Skiers Slaughtered in 2nd Aspen Colorist Riot
I’m hoping that by then that we will have evolved to understanding that what we now call racism is really just colorism in 2117. But unfortunately in the 100 years between now and then, people who have no one else to blame for what they consider as misfortune, will still find others who look differently (even if only slightly) than they do, to blame for it. And they will teach this lie to their children, just like it was taught to us. Colorism and the violence that is bred in its ignorance, will probably be in full force just as much as racism is today, because for a very small group of humans, the rest of us hating one another for no reason, is quite profitable.

Eroto-caine Usage Reaches Pan-demic Proportions
There will probably be a sex drug, by then no? Both of the things that people hide and lie about today; their sexual predilections and their desire for escape will be boiled down into some bio-psycho control stimulant, initially used in medicine of course but the recreational market will burst. The 2 things that we use to cope with all of the stressors of daily living will probably be conveniently packaged into one consumable dirty little secretive gel tablet, illegally sold on every street corner, in every wifi teen rave and every hole in the wall cyber pub.

The Starbucks Nation kills 900 Folgers Soldiers in Phoenix
Of course some sort of US versus THEM war will be raging in 100 years, it’s what we are best at. Now we kill one another about nationality, ethnicity and religious affiliation but in 100 years, you can probably add your favorite multinational conglomerate fandom to the same kind of hooliganism as sport franchises have today but by then the right logo love could mean life or death. The number of people willing to die for a brand will increase in drama and strength and casualties because if people have nothing real to fight for, they’ll make something up.

Prohibition on PrEP begins
Less than 100 years ago alcohol was illegal. Maybe in 2120, it’ll be marijuana, birth control or Claritin D that gets completely outlawed, you know, as a last ditch effort to save our morality and bring back the peace of the past. They’ll all wish that it was 1986 again.

Sorry to not be sweet about my predictions but my guess is that the future holds more of the same. We haven’t demonstrated so far that we have learned anything at all from World Wars, Pablo Escobar, the fight against apartheid or the horrors of sexual assault.

Maybe a look into the future won’t make a bit of difference, it’s not like Issac Asimov and Ray Bradbury among many others haven’t tried to give us a glimpse into tomorrow with dystopian technological and end of the world stories. All that we have done with what we have learned from them was turned their fear inducing premonitions into another way to make fast money and sell franchised toys. A very young person said to me a couple of months ago, “You think that there will still be humans 100 years from now?” He scoffed.

I do. I just think that they won’t be any smarter than us if the past 100 years are indicative of the next.

We all seem to prefer Walt Disney’s version of the future- that tomorrow is supposed to be blissful, endlessly beautiful, pleasant, efficient and fun. It’s easily marketable to us because it’s a state of being that we have never known and never will, not just because perfection is a non-existent concept but because in general no generation of humans has had the inclination to be the first to forge the foundation of a utopia-we’d have to actually care about one another beyond our own life span for that. If there is any solace, there is a chance that there will be a First Church of Kal-El by then. I’d be willing to time travel just to see it.

Featured image by CLAUDIA DEA — Flickr.