Katherine Timpf does not understand why others don’t understand what she understands about PC culture. The young blond attractive witty writer/ TV personality is so disturbed by this deadly beast of PC culture that she regularly writes about these horrors at The National Review.

Large segments of our society are fighting things like racial inequality, prejudice and poverty. Many are struggling just to put the next meal on the table. But what does a young middle class woman with good looks, wit and a platform struggle against? That’s easy– PC culture.

What is PC culture? Over the years it has meant many things. It means you don’t use the n-word anymore. It means you don’t assume the Mexican standing in the parking lot is your servant. It means you don’t grab a woman’s ass just because you feel like it. That’s just not PC anymore, and we’ve made a lot of progress. We have realized the stupidity of these ignorant behaviors. We now understand that they are horrible, wrong, and– politically incorrect.

But Timpf has discovered that PC culture can mean a lot more than that. It also includes a lot of ridiculous bullshit like claiming that math is racist, you can’t be a feminist and buy a dog, and saying ‘God bless you’ is a microaggression.

Timpf, has appeared on Fox News and written countless articles for The National Review chronicling and ridiculing the many funny/insane ideas that come out of liberal universities and corporate marketing. There are enough of these ridiculous stories to keep her writing.  Further titles include “UK School Bans Students from Touching Snow”, “What Exactly is a Lady Dorito?” and “Sending Waiters to Jail for Offering Plastic Straws.” Some of these sound like Onion articles and are well-written and entertaining. She finds resonance with her conservative audience who share the view that PC culture is corroding American culture and threatening free speech.

What Timpf does is cherry pick the most egregious and ludicrous examples of PC culture run amok, and then lump it all into the scary category of PC culture. The storm threatening America isn’t racism or sexism or xenophobia. It’s PC culture. So we better be vigilant. Here come a handful of nutjobs who have the power to drive a Prius and teach at an educational institution.

This is why Timpf spends so much time showing us how ridiculous this ridiculousness really is. After all, if you’re young, smart, attractive, have a great job, and a promising future, there’s not much to be pissed off about.

But there’s always PC culture. That’s a cause worth fighting against.