Mental Illness is in Vogue: You’re crazy too.

How crazy or normal a person is appearing to be defined by a social standard that is flexible and fickle. If you are high functioning then you can be excused your eccentricities, especially if you are not in poverty. I know people who actually eat baby chickens before and after they have been hatched. So many people do it that it becomes normalized… when quite frankly, eating eggs is crazy as hell. All of a sudden with so many tragedies attributed to them, being mentally ill is the fashionable scapegoat for the depraved among us.

In all actuality, everybody everywhere over 6 months old is a little out of their minds. We’re conditioned and trained and taught to do the things that we do and because so many of us do them, we think that we’re not total loons. I don’t that think I’ve ever met a soul alive so far who wasn’t a little bananas even if they weren’t diagnosed with a condition.

There are people right now on earth with us, who believe that they were created by an invisible being and they will kill you dead to uphold their myths. But its accepted, this shared delusion, and no one is calling them insane. And if your ghostly all power entity is different from someone else’s, then wars on our planet ensue.

Shouldn’t this be considered a mental disease? Yet no one is bothering to get any of these nutjobs off the streets. Nobody tries to use this clearly abnormal behavior and ludicrous practice as the reasoning for humans consistently making bad choices on a global scale either. Like I said, if it’s built into the civilization to be mentally unstable, people don’t bat an eyelash.

Sure, some people have illnesses that cause them to be dangerous toward themselves and others. It is a lot rarer than this current elaborate coverage of it when someone decides to shoot up my favorite city in the world…#stillvegasstrong. It’s been studied and it’s all over the internet that in order to be a CEO you need to nearly be a psychopath. Our most beloved icons, have suffered from traumas that actually led to the greatness that we admire so much from them. We have a love hate relationship with what is considered healthy, normal and stable and the criteria is fluid.

How many people still buy medical treatments that have broadcasted their side effects as sleeplessness, depression, and suicidal thoughts? It’s not adding anything to your psyche that isn’t already there- its just activating it. And no one is stopping companies from distributing these temporary solutions to us en masse. If anybody is out of their mind it’s a person who would subscribe to the belief that attaining and hording large rooms full of worthless sheets of government issued IOU legal tender paper validates their existence and determines their status in society at large. How insane is that shit? Yet we all do.

So whose fault is it when bad things happen? All of our faults. We need to put in checks and balances for ourselves, support one another especially during crisis and take better care of each other’s emotional needs. But will we? It’s too fucking easy to be able to say that a person is different from you and so therefore they must take the brunt of inequitable stigmatizing. But we’re all affected by mental illnesses on some level at some time in our lives. It’s a problem and quickly turning into an acceptable excuse.

About a hundred years ago the most sophisticated and completely normal people were doing things that the rest of us would think was sociopathic today. And I’m sure that the future will definitely look back on us in the same way. Tomorrow will certainly say that people who get sexually stimulated by licking each others buttholes were clearly not mentally stable. You’re all fucking bonkers. Accept it.  And since we all know that fact, we now have only two choices. Either get everyone fitted for matching strait jackets and end this parade of fools or show a little compassion toward one another since there isn’t one superior being on the water ball, or anywhere else looking down on us either (that we know of).

Featured image by Riccardo Cuppini — Flickr.