Phil Hansen’s newest series, Impression: Sports is an artist’s solution to creating art while traveling.

Artist Phil Hansen, recently consumed by wanderlust, has been collecting more airline miles than he ever has before. There was only one issue with his newfound love of adventure; he had been spending more time in airports and less time in his art studio. Which, for him, was a conflict. “While traveling I was constantly being inspired and had the urge to create new art but I found it very difficult to do that while away from the art studio. That is when I started playing with the idea of re-imagining my art, I began to create more and more outside of the studio and found a way to do my type of art, which is fragmented portraiture, wherever I was in the world.” It was the challenge of being more productive and continuing to make art while being away that led him to create Impression: Sports.

phil hansen

Impression: Sports is a collection of 11 different iconic sports moments found throughout history. The art is truly one of a kind as it was made by Hansen’s own inked fingerprint. The influential athlete’s depicted are substantially out of focus, pixelated and despite the sparseness on the paper, remain completely identifiable. By capturing the most significant and celebrated sports figures in the throes of their victory, Hansen calls to mind how deep-rooted these moments are for so many. The graininess of the inked fingerprint reminded Hansen of watching an old black and white television, and that feeling of nostalgia (regardless of the time period) was the inspiration that runs through each of the subjects that he has portrayed in this series.

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“Ali” featured here depicts Muhammad Ali, the most celebrated boxer of the 20th century, and his famous knockout. To see all 11 Impression: Sports visit 

"The Catch"

“The Catch”

phil hansen

“Babe Ruth”

Phil Hansen is a multimedia artist who works at the intersection of traditional visual art, pointillism, and offbeat techniques using mediums that connect to the subject matter such as karate chops, tricycle wheel imprints, burger grease, and matches. He is most widely known for his meta-art, videos that document the creation process, showing millions that art is action, not just result. His art is often participatory, soliciting direct input from his worldwide following.

Hansen is the author of Tattoo A Banana and When I was 7 and his inspirational TED talk “Embrace the Shake has been shared around the world.

 Originally from Seattle, Hansen currently resides in Minnesota, where he creates from his art studio. For more, visit