This is how you rage room, in an age of rage rooms.


1. If you want to go to a rage room it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re an asshole. Or that you have anger management issues. But then again, it might.

2. Running laps and pumping iron? No, not quite the same.

3. I’m thinking that rush you get after you smashed all that shit. Yeah, that’s gonna fade, man.

4. Someone thought breaking shit with a baseball bat would lead to less stress. I guess they don’t have to clean up the floor.

5. Psychologists, are onto you. They know you’re full of shit.

6. How much are you gonna pay to smash up which stuff and how much is that gonna cost?

7. Where is your rage coming from? Ever wondered? Or you just wanna carry around a baseball bat and goggles for the rest of your life?

8. I wanna listen to Rage Against the Machine while smashing portraits of George Bush while raging against the dying of the light.

rage rooms

9. Get mad, go pay some money to get unmad. Seems legit.

10. If it’s election time, it’s rage room time.

11. Make sure to pay attention to that safety tutorial before you hit the rage room.

12. Words are cheap. Smashing something with a hammer. That’s more expensive.

13. I hate to point this out, but rage rooms are not a substitute for, you know, actually dealing with your issues.

14. The theory of catharsis may indeed be bullshit, and then what good would your rage room be? Except for, of course, a whole lot of joyous fun.

15. If you ask me do I want to go to a rage room, I’d have to think about it. If you ask me whether I want to U, I know my answer immediately.

16. What happens to the brains of mice in rage rooms?

17. In a rage room, what would be your weapon of choice.

18. Rage rooms aren’t the only weird way of de-stressing. Keep your options open.