The strange world of Scifier will blow your mind.

Scifier is a photographer with diverse projects who is gaining acclaim. Scifier creates something together both strange and mind-blowing with the most basic of materials. The work has many influences. Sci-Fi, horror, macro, conceptual still life art and photography. Many artists will come away from this work thinking, damn why didn’t I think of that? After sifting through many trippy dreamscapes, I was hooked. I had to find out a bit more about this acclaimed photographer known as Scifier.


First of all, I love your conceptual still life creations with action figure scenes. How did that evolve?

It grew out of my passion for creating conceptual photography using casual objects or just toys. I like to make up stories, create scenes and then bring them to life. It’s very exciting. Sometimes I create my stories from nothing, having only water and a match or just an empty eggshell. I like to make objects myself, painting and creating them takes a lot of time, but it’s well worth it.

What is your key to getting your great shots with the camera?

Just relax and enjoy the process. If you really love it, do it for yourself without worrying about the result, which can be unexpected. Be patient and keep the lenses and camera clean.


Where did your interest in Sci-Fi come from and how did you start incorporating that into your work?

I got my passion for sci-fi in my childhood, I was a very sick and weak child, so I spent almost all of my childhood sitting at home or in the hospital instead of playing with other kids. I started to read classic sci-fi books (Norton, Heinlein, Bradbury and many others) imagining myself AS a brave astronaut saving the Universe or a time traveller fighting with evil ancient alien invaders.
So when I grew into adult, I thought that I could share a bit of my passion with the World creating sci-fi photography, making photos inspired by known and unknown sci-fi books and movies or creating my own stories through the camera.
How did you develop your eclectic interest?
I guess, it is just in my nature. I always happy to experiment, find  and study something new. Alfred Hitchcock said that ” Individual style is a plagiarism towards yourself”. Perhaps he was right. Anyway I usually get bored of creating exactly the same images time and time again.
Where do you see your art going from here?
Only time will tell and perhaps the direction does not suit some people but it is mine and I’m going to follow it as I want.
What specific equipment and materials do you use to get certain effects?
Actually there are a lot of simple things which can make everything work. Aroma sticks for the smoke effects, syringe and a small cup for water, sparkler for the blasts and explosions, a glue gun and hard metallic wire to create levitation and many others.
What awards or recognition have you received for your work?
Being a microstock photographer and illustrator I often see my works in blogs, on sites and even in magazines. During the election in the United States I saw my illustration of the Devil in the article in the Wall Street Journal magazine. I think you can guess the subject of this article.
But I was too shy to send my works somewhere or participate in competitions  but in 2016 after a long sickness, which made me understood that life is so short and there is no time to waste it, I sent my collaboration with another photographer on Lookbook and BlackMilk Halloween contest and to my great surprise  I was one of the winners, then I became a sole winner for the CyberSummer contest again on Lookbook, those awards were not exactly photographic but they were important, because they made me think that people actually like what I do and that was the best motivation to put my photos on Viewbug, which  made me an amateur winner in the Feline Beauty photo contest in 2017.
This year I was a winner in Wikipedia and Russian Scitifiec channel contest in the nomination “Microphotography” with the first microphoto I made in my life in 2017 and I also got the second prize in the European SONY contest “Yellow” with my portrait of a wasp.


All images courtesy of the photographer. Check out more about here.